3 Year Old – Beginners and Intermediates

Beginners are Shiny Starfish. Intermediates are Silver Starfish and our most advanced 3 year olds are Super Starfish. We include daily themes like Cowboy Day, Pirate Day and Fairy Tales Day to bring entertainment to swim lessons.

Our 3 year olds are much more cooperative and less frightened when they are having fun with their swim lessons. Parents are not in the water with the 3 year old classes. The student teacher ratio for these classes is 4 to 1.

3 Year Olds - Beginners and Intermediates

Shiny Starfish

Designed for our beginner 3 year olds with no swim experience

3 Year Old - Intermediates

Silver Starfish

Intermediate level for 3 year olds, and is typically taught with the Super Starfish as a combined level


3 Year Old - IntermediatesSuper Starfish

Taught to our most advanced 3 year olds, and typically taught combined with the Silver Starfish class