Exploring the backyard in a new way: A Safari Adventure

Explore the great outdoors with a backyard Safari! We have created a fun animal checklist for your little ones to use as they explore. The supplies you’ll need on your mission are as followed:

Summer is all about creating life-long memories with your family. Here are few more ideas to make your backyard safari an adventure your child will be sure to remember:

  • Turn the safari game into an overnight experience by camping out in the backyard – some safari animals such as leopards are most active at night. This is a great opportunity to continue the educational
  • Don’t forget the binoculars! Your child will enjoy the magnified perspective as they search for their safari pals all over the
  • Observing animals in their natural habitat can be a lot of work, be sure your little explorer has a canteen to stay hydrated while on their safari
  • Be Safe. We want to continue to teach children about safe practices no matter what the activity may be. For good practice when your family goes camping, teach your child how to blow a whistle and use a flashlight to find safety if they become separated from you.

We hope your family enjoys safari month as much as we do. Tag us @littleotterswim and #OtterSafaris to share your child’s safari photos! We can’t wait to see how many animals our swimmers will find.