What do you think the new turtle should be called?

Our turtles have traveled all the way from Kenya to Little Otter Swim School.  We are proud supporters of Ocean Sole, a foundation committed to raising awareness of polluted waterways in Kenya caused by discarded flip-flops.  Since 2005, Ocean Sole has positively impacted many by cleaning up over 1,000 tons of flip flops from the oceans in Kenya, providing steady income to over 150 low-income Kenyans, and contributing over 10% of their revenue to marine conservation programs.  The Ocean Sole foundation turns flip flop pollution into art and functional products to promote conservation of our oceans.

Enter our naming contest and tell us what you think the perfect name for our new Ocean Sole turtle should be.  Two names will be chosen from each of our locations.   As a company we will vote and choose two names from the top four.  All four contestants will receive a mini Ocean Sole figurine as a prize.

Naming Contest Rules:

  1. Enter by filling out contest submission before or after swim class at the front desk
  2. You may enter as many times as you wish
  3. Contest closes on Saturday, December 1st

For more information on Ocean Sole go to http://oceansole.co.ke/