5 Things That Should Keep You Out of the Water

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming is such fun that you almost can’t imagine NOT wanting to swim. But there are times that you shouldn’t.

Here are 5 things that should keep you from swimming.

You never want to miss fun, but it’s better to stay away from others when you’re sick. The risk of infecting others is high as is the chance that an incident could happen that would cause the pool to be shut down for cleaning.

A broken bone, a deep cut or wounds or a bad burn should sideline you until you’re healed. Don’t worry about stubbed toes or small scratches. The more serious injuries are the ones that put you at risk of infection or making your injury more severe.

Storms –the ones with dark, scary clouds – could bring thunder and lightning and should keep you out of the water. And if it’s just plain chilly out, forget about swimming unless the pool is heated.

Never swim when you’re alone. You can get hurt, get a cramp, slip and fall and you would have no one to help you.

When water is rough, has a rip current or is polluted or unclean – stay out of it. Always obey beach closures and warnings. Stay out of a pool if it isn’t kept clean or in good working order.