Tips to Encourage Nervous Swimmers

Learning to swim is a non-negotiable Life Skill that can save your child’s life as well as the life of others. Problem is, lots of kids aren’t excited about it. That’s why we’re sharing 5 tips that to encourage your child to begin and continue on their journey to becoming a swimmer.

1. Use Encouraging Words
Use their terms to explain why learning to swim is important, share that you’re proud of them and that you will support their journey to becoming an amazing swimmer.

2. Make it Fun
Share the fun of swimming lessons and about the friends they will make in swim class.

3. Reinforce Learning Daily
Pay attention to your child’s lessons so you can use learning reinforcement in your home tub to help them brush up on new skills.

4. Take a Breath
You need a moment to exhale and release the stress of being the one who deals with the emotional roll coaster a child rides when they are learning to swim.

5. Ask for Help
You are surrounded by supportive staff and parents who can empathize with you and provide help when you ask.