Hello Little Otter Families
We wanted to update everyone on Covid-19.  We are still monitoring CDC, NIH and Mecklenburg County Health Department.  This area is still listed as low risk.  
We are still cleaning surfaces. The Centers for Disease Control has stated that chlorinated water will kill the virus.  We also have the additional step of UV systems on all our pools.  
We would like to assure you that we are taking precautionary steps for the health and safety of our families and our employees.
We are asking for our families for their help in the following steps to mitigate the risk of this virus in how it is spread:
  1. If you or your family have recently visited, passed through, or had a stopover in China, Iran, South Korea or Italy in the last 14 days, we ask you to not send your children to Little Otter until you have a note from your doctor, or have been back in the US for at least 14 days with no symptoms.
  2. If you have had contact within the last 14 days with someone from any of these areas or with someone that exhibits symptoms of the virus, we ask that you do not send your children to Little Otter until you have a note from your doctor or 14 days have elapsed.
  3. If you have not been in known contact with any of the above, you should feel confident to send your child to Little Otter Swim School.  This is of course unless they have any of the flu-like symptoms associated with Coronavirus, in which case as with other viruses, you should visit your doctor and keep your child at home until the symptoms have cleared.
  4. We are asking that only 1 caregiver come with each child. This will reduce the number of people in our lobby during swim lessons
In addition to these measures, we are offering our staff paid time off if they have been potentially exposed to the virus or are exhibiting symptoms.  We don’t want them to come in if they are not feeling well. We don’t want them to have to make the decision to choose money over self-quarantine. This may mean that some classes may be combined or canceled.  We will do our best to keep you informed if this is to happen. We have 2 instructors in Italy currently and we will have them working remotely until they have been back in the US for 2 weeks.  
Furthermore, we are allowing families to suspend lessons during this time.  These will be done in 2-week increments. So you can keep your place in class and we will credit your account for the 2 weeks.  We will do this until the 15th and then reexamine. You would need to contact us every 2 weeks. We will need to communicate and work together to make this happen smoothly. Just call and let us know if you want to suspend classes.  
We appreciate your help and patience during this time. We are a small locally owned company trying to do what is fair.  Thank you for swimming with us. Hopefully, this will pass soon. We anticipate normal classes and schedules to proceed as scheduled; unless health authorities advise otherwise.