We do use chlorine in our pools.  By law the state requires that either chlorine or bromine be used in any public pool. Since we are an indoor facility we can keep our chlorine level lower then most public pools. Additionally, we have UV filtration systems that all of our pool water is cycled through 24 hours a day, 7 days each week, all year long!

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Not at all.  Your child will not catch a cold from being cold and wet after swim lessons, primarily because colds are actually caused by viruses. Having wet hair might cause your child to uncomfortable on the walk to the car but it will not cause them to get sick.

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There are two types of ear infections:

Outer Ear Infection or Swimmer’s Ear
This can occur there is water left in the ear canal from a pool, bath, or lake. The liquid in the ear can allow bacteria to grow and potentially cause an infection. Swimmer’s Ear can be prevented with ear drops available at any pharmacy. The drops contain alcohol or boric acid and speed the evaporation of water in the ear canal.

Inner Ear Infection
Studies show no link between this type of infection and swimming.

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“Garrett wouldn’t get his head wet at all when we started. Mr. Jordan was awesome in getting Garrett to put his face under and he quickly progressed and now loves the pool!”


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