Beginner Swim Classes 6-11 Years Old


At Little Otter Swim School, we provide beginner swimmers appropriate swim classes based on their age and ability. We teach each child with a gentle and encouraging approach and recognize that every child is different and has different needs.

Our goal is to challenge your beginner swimmer to learn to swim with lessons that are designed to fit your child’s skill level. Our beginner swim class levels are broken up by age and are described below.


Read through the different swim levels described below, and based on your child’s ability, register your child for the appropriate class. If you have any questions, give us a call at 704-209-4952. See below for our registration process.


Yippy Yellow Tangs - 6-11 Years Old and Up - Little Otter Swim School

Yippy Yellow Tang

(6-11 Year Old Beginner Level I)

The 6-11 year old Beginner Level is designed for beginner students with no swim experience.


In this class:

  • Skills and lessons are taught using fun themes and games at a pace that the students enjoy.
  • Each student will be working on breath control and submersion.

Register For ClassesA great combination of fun and challenges, this class creates a base skill set to build on as our students move through our curriculum.

Golly Green Guppy I - 6-11 Year Old Beginner Level II


Golly Green Guppy I


This class is designed for students with minimal swim experience and independence in the water. To be placed into this class, the students MUST be able to float on their front and back, and swim independently, calmly, and comfortably a distance of 10 feet. Register For ClassesThis class focuses on increasing independence and swim distance as they learn our “otter roll” which is a rollover technique used to achieve an independent breath.

Golly Green Guppy - 6-11 Year Olds and Up - Little Otter Swim School


Golly Green Guppy II

(6-11 Year Old Beginner Level III)

This class is designed for students with some swim experience and independence in the water. To be placed into this class, the students MUST be able to swim 15 feet comfortably on their own, as well as back-float independently.

This class focuses on:

  • Mastering our “otter roll” technique (an independent rollover breath)
  • Introduces both kicking and arm movements to aid propulsion through the water.

Register For ClassesBy the end of this class, students are moving toward a freestyle stroke. Register your child today!

Our Registration Process

Assessment: When you register your child, you will be asked to provide the preferred location , child’s first name and birthdate, and provide answers to assessment questions.

Recommended Class: Once you’ve provided the above information, we will recommend a class.

Choosing a Day and Time: If you choose to move forward with this class, you will be asked to choose a class time and day. Anything highlighted in yellow is available.

Registering: The last step will be the completion of a registration form where you will be asked for your contact information, child or children’s name, age and gender, ending with payment information.

If you have any questions, let us know at 704-846-7946.

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