Do you prorate charges for mid-month starts?

If you are just starting with us, the annual fee is charged at the time of the first billing.


  • Private Lessons – (Once per week – 1:1 Ratio): $175/month
  • Beginner Lessons – (Once per week – 2:1 Ratio): Starfish and Yippy Yellow Tang – $110/month
  • Beginner II & III Lessons (Once per week – 3:1 Ratio): Redfish, Parrotfish, Golly Green Guppy
  • Advanced Lessons (Once per week – 4:1 Ratio) Dashing Dolphin, and Blazing Barracuda – $100/month
  • Baby and Team Lesson: (Once per week – 5:1 Ratio): $89/month

Prices are figured on an annual average (Calculation: individual lesson price x 52 weeks divided by 12 months).  Classes will be pro-rated based on the start date and sibling discounts apply.

Pro-rating for school closures will be based on the number of lessons you receive.