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We are excited to be open for swim lessons again.  In this phase of opening, we are offering private, semi-private, baby, and team lessons.  This is to maintain social distancing and reduce the overall number of people in our building.


    • Private Lesson – (Once per week – 1:1 Ratio): $185/month
    • Beginner  – (Once per week – 3:1 Ratio): Starfish and Yippy Yellow Tang – $115/month
    • Beginner Intermediate – (Once per week – 3:1 Ratio):Redfish,  Parrotfish, Golly Green Guppy – $115/month
    • Advanced: Dashing Dolphin, and Blazing Barracuda (4:1 Ratio) – $105/month
    • Excel Swim Team Classes: Prep, Free/Back, Breast, Butterfly (6:1 Ratio) – $105/month
    • Baby and Parent Lesson: (Once per week – 5:1 Ratio): $105/month

    Prices are figured on an annual average (Calculation: individual lesson price x 52 weeks divided by 12 months).  Classes will be pro-rated based on the start date and sibling discounts apply.

Prices are figured on an annual average (Calculation: individual lesson price x 52 weeks divided by 12 months).  Classes will be pro-rated based on the start date and sibling discounts apply.

You can enroll via the customer portal or if you are a new family you can enroll on this website or give us a call at 704-846-7946. We are so excited to see everyone in the pool again

To register for our limited lessons click here!

This is a listing of most frequently asked questions compiled to get you back in swim lessons. They focus on social distancing, disinfecting, and other preventative measures. They are subject to change based on updated information and recommendations from local, state and federal authorities

When will Little Otter reopen?
We are open now at a reduced capacity, for social distancing and reducing the number of people in our building. We are also working hard to keep our facility clean and your family safe with enhanced cleaning schedules.
What are my lesson options?
- Currently, we are offering 30-minute private and semi-private lessons for children.
- Private Lesson – (Once per week - 1:1 Ratio): $175/month
- Starfish and Yippy Yellow Tang beginner lessons (Once per week-2:1 ratio) $110/month
- Redfish, Parrotfish, Golly Green Guppy: (Once per week - 3:1 Ratio) $100/month
- Dashing Dolphin, and Blazing Barracuda (Once per week– 4:1 ratio) $100/month
- Baby and Team Lesson: (Once per week - 5:1 Ratio): $89/month

Prices are figured on an annual average (Calculation: individual lesson price x 52 weeks divided by 12 months).  Classes will be pro-rated based on the start date and sibling discounts apply.

Will we have the same teacher we had before lessons were suspended?
- Little Otter Swim School kept all of our teachers on payroll while we were closed. There may be some teachers who are unable to return or have moved onto other jobs. In those cases, teachers will be replaced with equally skilled and well-trained teachers.
- During this first phase of opening, we have teachers only working at 1 location and we are also having them work on teams so that if someone were to get sick, we could more easily isolate those who had contact with them.
How will Little Otter be different?
- All team members that are not in the water will be wearing face masks. We ask everyone visiting our building to wear a face mask as well. Children will not be wearing face masks while in the water
- All team members in the water will initially be wearing face shields. While the face shield may be a strange sight to your child, we will be working on making the shields as fun as possible. We will be posting a video so that you can show your child what this will look like. The face shields are for your child’s protection and the instructor's protection. - Our goal is to maintain Little Otter’s commitment to creating a warm and loving environment while also keeping your children and our instructors safe.
- Please bring your own goggles. For the time being, Little Otter Swim School will no longer let children borrow goggles. For your convenience, we have goggles for sale at the front desk
- We ask that you conduct any business via phone or email. We are also trying to do all transactions via the credit card you have on file so that we are not handling cash.
- Our retail area will be closed. Someone from customer service will be happy to get any items that you need.
What can I do to keep Little Otter safe for me and my family?
- We will be asking the following questions of everyone entering the facility.Our teachers will be answering the same questions everyday
-- Have you been ill with fever, chills, cough or body aches in the last 14 days?
-- Has anyone in your household had these symptoms in the last 14 days?
-- Have you or anyone in your household traveled internationally in the last 14 days?
-- Have you or anyone in your household traveled to a location in the US where an increased incidence of COVID-19 has been reported in the last 14 days?
-- Have you been told by a healthcare provider that you should self-quarantine due to potential COVID-19 exposure or you are suspected of having COVID-19?
Other procedures for a safer environment
- Personal Protective Equipment will be worn by the Little Otter team.
- We will be adjusting techniques to practice proper distancing while maintaining safety
- We are installing protective guards at our front desk.
- We have closed our retail and play areas.
- The customer service team will be happy to get any retail items for you to purchase.
- Signs posted about proper handwashing technique
Is it safe to swim?
- Yes the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) issued guidance that it is safe to swim as the virus cannot be spread via properly chlorinated and maintained water. Our pools meet or exceed the health standards recommended by the CDC and local authorities.
- Here is a link to CDC about pools and COVID-19
What are you doing to reduce the number of people in your building?
- We are taking steps to manage traffic flow through the building and maintain physical distancing. There will be signs and directional markers on the floor to direct you. We are also asking that only one caregiver come with each child.
- We will continue to follow local and state recommendations for how many people will be allowed in our facilities and will schedule our lessons to meet and adhere to these requirements.
- If you would like to get a sense of how many people will be in the facility during your lesson, please call our customer care team at 704-846-7946. If you would like to schedule your class at times when there are fewer people in the building. We are prepared to work with you to help you feel comfortable.
What is Little Otter doing to comply with physical distancing?
- One caretaker per child inside the swim school.
- Chairs in the lobby are placed 6 ft apart and we ask you to be mindful of others and be patient while occupying shared spaces.
- We ask that students arrive only 5 minutes before their scheduled class time to keep occupancy numbers within guidelines and walkways clear.
What is Little Otter doing to keep the schools clean?
- We have always followed CDC cleaning protocols and those set out by other health professionals and authorities.
- The facility will be wiped down with disinfectant throughout the day. This will include all high traffic areas, all door handles, chairs, toilets, etc.
- Disinfecting wipes will continue to be available throughout the facility and changing areas.
- The use of pool toys will be scaled back and all toys and equipment will be disinfected between uses.
- Hand sanitizer will be available
What type of Personal Protective Equipment is being used?
- Face coverings are recommended for all adults and children
-- Face coverings should NOT be worn in the pool.
-- This is applicable to employees and swim school families
- Face shields will by worn by swim instructors in the pool
- Face Masks will be worn by all employees when not in the pool.
- Acrylic sneeze guards will be on the front desk.
- Temperature checks will be performed on all employees. They will not be monitored for swimmers or parents. We are relying on families to stay home if they have any symptoms.
Who can come to swim lessons?
- We are asking only one caregiver per child.
- My other child who is not swimming, and I have no other option but to bring them
-- If your family has no other choice, bring the sibling and keep them close to you.
- My 2 children swim one after the other. What can I do with them when they are not swimming?
-- Keep them close to you and respect social distancing.
- If a baby swims with one parent, can the other parent attend?
-- We prefer one parent comes per child
-- We understand that there may be situations where two adults are needed.

We are grateful for our extended Little Otter Family. We take the safety of your family and our team seriously. Thank you for working with us to put these best practices in place. We will do our absolute best to create a great environment for you and your family.

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