Intro to Water Skills

Class Snapshot

$120 /Month

One 30 min. class per week

3:1 class ratio

Two age groups:

Starfish - ages 3-5
Yippy Yellow Tang - ages 6-11

Intro to Water Skills swim classes are focused on teaching beginners to submerge with confidence and begin their water journey. At Little Otter Swim School, we recognize that every child is different and has different needs. With a gentle and encouraging approach, our goal is to challenge your beginner to learn to swim with lessons that are designed to fit your child’s skill level. Our teachers are well-trained to help anxious first-time swimmers.

Learning to swim requires a child to be comfortable under the water and floating on their face and on their back. Once we have built trust, then we work on building confidence.

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Beginner Level I, 3-5 Years

Yippy Yellow Tang

Beginner Level I, 6-11 Years

This class is designed for beginner students with no swimming experience. Skills and lessons are taught using fun themes and games at an enjoyable pace.

Upon completion of this level, children will accomplish:

  • Breath control
  • Calmy submerging, 5-7 feet
  • Otterly-Calm Float
    • Independent face floating for 3 seconds
  • Swim 5-7 feet with calm, natural movement
    • This is the introduction to swimming with eyes in the water. It instills confidence in young swimmers and allows them to learn natural body movements in the water while learning to swim to a destination.
  • Backfloat to 10 feet with help, rolling to grab the wall

This class creates a base skillset to build on as our students move through our program.