Stroke Development

Class Snapshot

$110 /Month

One 30 min. class per week

4:1 class ratio

Two development levels:
Dashing Dolphins
Blazing Barracudas


With newfound confidence and independence, students are now ready to learn stroke development and endurance. In these levels, swim distance increases as swimmers build their freestyle and backstroke techniques. Through practicing what they have already learned, students are able to further develop their deep water safety skills.

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Dashing Dolphins

Advanced Level - 6+ years

This class transitions students safely, swimming with the rollover breath to competitive beginner freestyle techniques. The gross motor skills of our students at this level are challenged as they must maintain simultaneous movements of the head, arms, and legs.

The proper breath control technique is stressed as these students move into building endurance. Technical breakdown of the freestyle stroke also begins in this class. Students continue to work on safety and confidence through increased distance, improving their efficiency and body position.  Students will also begin proper side breath technique.

Prerequisite for this Class:

  • Swimming 40 feet
  • Achieving independent breaths
  • Achieving independent floats
  • Intermediate propulsion techniques

Upon completion of this level, children will have accomplished:

  • Independent underwater swim 40 feet with bubbles
  • Introduction to freestyle 60 feet 
  • Kicks on back with reaching arm 60 feet
  • Tread 30 seconds

Blazing Barracuda

Advanced Level - 6+ years

Blazing Barracudas transition the unilateral side breathing learned in the prior level into the traditional freestyle stroke, which is bilateral side breathing to both sides.

Prerequisite for this Class:

  • Swimming 60 feet with several unilateral side breaths
  • Back kicks, 60 feet

Upon completion of this level, children will have accomplished:

  • Streamline start
  • Beginner freestyle with proper side breath to both sides, 75 feet
  • Beginner backstroke, 75 feet
  • Tread, 60 seconds