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Every class, lesson, and experience is built the Little Otter way:

  • Small groups are taught by enthusiastic, highly qualified, and caring teachers. 
  • Lessons are taught through a play-based learning program, so children love learning and it sticks!
  • Classes are grouped based on skill level, not just age, and are designed with consideration for children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. 
  • All lessons are taught in heated indoor swimming pools by teachers who put your children’s needs first. 


Explore class line-up and pricing below. 

Classes & Pricing

Otter Baby and You

Beginning as early as 6 months, Otter Baby & You teaches your baby swim readiness through water acclimation. Adult participation is required.

Three age groups:
Otter Baby 1 - 6-18 months
Otter Baby 2 - 18-36 months
Otter Baby 3 - 24+ months with advanced skills (invite only)

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Otter baby and you swim classes at litter otter, parents in the pool with their babies learning swim skills, essential safety skills

Skill Development

Swimmers will safely progress their fundamental skills by introducing new motions and increasing swim distance in our Skill Development swim classes.

Two age groups available:
Parrotfish - Ages 3-5
Golly Green Guppy 2 - Ages 6-11

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skill development swim class, child kicking in water

Intro to Water Skills

In Intro to Water Skills, beginners with no experience will embark on their water journey by learning to submerge and float confidently.

Two age groups available:
Starfish - Ages 3-5
Yippy Yellow Tang - Ages 6-11

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Intro to water swim lessons includes learning how to be comfortable under the water and floating on their face and on their back

Stroke Development

Stroke Development swim classes focus on stroke efficiency and endurance while refining swimmers’ freestyle and backstroke techniques.

Two development levels for ages 6+:
Dashing Dolphins
Blazing Barracudas

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Swim Evolution image of instructor with child in back stroke motion

Fundamental Water Skills

Fundamental Water Skills swim classes focus on helping swimmers build confidence in independent swimming, breathing, and mobility.

Two age groups available:
Redfish - Ages 3-5
Golly Green Guppy - Ages 6-11

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Fundamental water skills swim lesson at little otter includes learning for life and swim independently

Stroke Evolution

Stroke Evolution swim classes focus on further refining swim technique producing well-rounded, confident swimmers.

Class Focus:
Prep, Freestyle, and Backstroke

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Stroke Proficiency

Stroke Proficiency swim classes focus on introducing swimmers to the breaststroke and butterfly stroke while extending swim distance capability.

Class Focus:
Breaststroke and Butterfly

Class Detail & Pricing

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There is a $35 annual registration fee that covers yearly administration costs per family. This fee is billed yearly, on the one-year anniversary of your account, and covers everyone in your family (in the same household).

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