Skill Development

Class Snapshot

$120 /Month

One 30 min. class per week

3:1 class ratio

Two age groups:

Parrotfish - ages 3-5
Golly Green Guppy 2 - ages 6-11

Our skill development swim class focuses on honing the skills needed to become safer in the water. Learning the basics and performing them well is important to a strong and confident swimmer. Having gained confidence in the fundamental water skills, students are now ready to add arms and refine kicks. The focus is on increasing distance by getting several breaths of air and floating calmly on their back while swimming to a safe destination.

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This class is designed for students with some swimming experience and independence in the water.

Upon completion of this level, children will have accomplished:

  • Independent underwater swim, 25 feet
    • Children will effectively propel themselves to the bottom of the pool.
  • Independent kicks on back 
    • Children will learn productive kicks on their back, one of the fundamentals of backstroke.
  • Big arm swim, 25 feet
    • Children are introduced to freestyle arms.  
  • Independent swim 40 feet, 1-4 breaths.
    • This is the final skill of the level. Children will confidently swim to 40 feet with independent breaths when needed.