Fundamental Water Skills

Class Snapshot

$120 /Month

One 30 min. class per week

3:1 class ratio

Two age groups:

Redfish - ages 3-5
Golly Green Guppy 1 - ages 6-11

Fundamental Water Skills classes focus on teaching swimmers how to swim independently in a variety of ways. Having gained the confidence to submerge and float, this stage helps children learn mobility skills on their front and back with a continued emphasis on safety skills. In these classes, children start to gain independence in kicking their way through the water while learning how to get air.

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This class is designed for students with minimal swimming experience and independence in the water.

Upon completion of this level, children will have accomplished:

  • Underwater swim, 7-10 feet
    • Children will learn to move their bodies and properly propel themselves down.  
    • Children will learn to touch the bottom or pick up toys.
  • Otterly-Calm Float for 5 seconds, then, roll over to independent back float
    • Children learn to calmly float on their bellies and roll to their backs. This skill teaches children how to safely take a breath on their backs. 
  • Swim 15 feet with assisted pop-up breath
    • Children work on proper kicks while learning how to pop up and breathe. 
  • Swim 15 feet with an assisted Otter Roll
  • Swim 25 feet taking 1-3 breaths 
    • This is the final skill of the level. Children will productively kick to 25 feet with the understanding of when to take a breath, with little to no help from the instructor.